Greening the concrete jungle: how to make environmentally

These photos give "Concrete Jungle" a Whole New Meaning

Feb 20,  · These photos, part of a series called Wild Concrete by artist Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, show Hong Kong in a completely new light, and bring new a new meaning to the term, “Concrete Jungle”.. The artist describes the series as follows: Usually wherever human beings are thriving, they always try to keep in control their direct environment.

Rattan in Concrete Jungle Apartment / Absence from Island

Aug 28,  · Completed in in Hong Kong (SAR). Images by Chi, Ireen Sit. Hong Kong is famous for its cramped living space and its concrete jungle. Our client is

Making our Concrete Jungles More Environmentally Friendly

Nov 23,  · Making our Concrete Jungles More Environmentally Friendly. November 23, by Jobsite Editorial Staff. It goes without saying that water is the most widely used material globally. It is surprising, however, to know that cement is the next, even when taking into account it is the key ingredient in concrete

Self-watering green roadblocks help cities implement

Jun 22,  · “The Concrete Jungle blocks are a fantastic example of innovation combining with technology to find a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution that is helping us to drive social change,” said councillor Hanif Khan, cabinet member for transport at Hounslow Council.

The Concrete Jungle With A Little Bit Of Green In It - Huddle

May 08,  · Cement, the main ingredient in concrete, is responsible for seven percent of global emissions. CarbonCure has developed a system to inject carbon dioxide into the mixing process. The CO2 is converted into a mineral, which makes the concrete stronger and reduces carbon emissions.

Green Urbanism: A look at sustainable cities of the future

Oct 03,  · Instead of concrete jungle, green urbanization in the future has been visualized as concrete structures which make or have space to include natural environment. This would be implemented to improve air quality, biodiversity and also to decrease ‘heat island’ effect. The trees and plants would be edible – herbs, nuts, fruits, brassicas, etc.

Do you wish to build a lush green indoor jungle? Here are

Jan 04,  · As we get accustomed to the ever-increasing concrete jungle, creating a little green space inside the house has almost turn into a necessity. Climate change and environmental crisis have become so severe that school children like Greta Thunberg are moving out of their classrooms to save the world.

Is Concrete Sustainable? Green Building... - The Concrete Network

Learn how you can use concrete to build environmentally responsible homes without Green building is the concept of constructing homes and buildings we need today without depleting resources for future generations. What makes concrete a sustainable building material?

Making cement sustainable - Tech Xplore

Oct 17,  · Cementless fly ash binder makes concrete 'green' Jun 18, . Greening the concrete jungle—how to make environmentally friendly cement. Aug 22, 2017. New type of cement could offer environmental protection, lower cost. Apr 29, 2016. Recommended for you.

What is Green Concrete and Which Are Its Advantages?

Green concrete is a form of environmentally-friendly concrete, made up of concrete wastes. Green concrete represents a resource saving structures with reduced environmental impact. This has been a revolutionary material in the concrete industry.

Unpacked: South Australia’s new way of managing natural

Feb 27,  · Take a break from the concrete jungle – it’s good for you and good for the environment. The Good Living blog comes to you from the South Australian Department for Environment and Water. We are here to help inspire and inform you so you can make a difference in your life and world.

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