ERO Concrete Recycling Robot Khalid Qubbaj

The ERO Concrete Recycling Robot is an Alternative to Demolitions

robot recycles concrete - The ERO Concrete Recycling Robot recently won the IDSA IDEA contest, led by Omer Haciomeroglu, and was conceived as a solution more cost-effective That is how the ERO robot would help to suck and recycle the entire concrete structure of a building as it goes along.

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May 01,  · Thc strain gages transmit a signal that corresponds to the degree of stress upon the clamp. Thc strain gage signal is converted to a numeric display. Calibration is achieved by ero and span potentiometers which enable accurate measurements by the force-measuring clamp. Security Force Assistance. DTIC Science & Technology. 2009-05-01. Group 8-59.

ERO is a robot that eats concrete, makes it easier to demolish buildings

a robot — known as the ERO Concrete Recycling Robot — which if it comes to fruition, will be able to break down concrete as well as process and It shoots a high pressure jet of water at a concrete surface which causes it to break up. The robot then sucks the material up and directs it into large

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machine that pulverizes concrete

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot! Khalid Qubbaj. The ERO Concrete recycling this way the machine is extracting all the concrete Generally the rubble from demolitions had to be thrashed by pulverizes . Get Price. OT Concrete grinding Practical Machinist.

the ero concrete recycling robot

ERO – Concrete Recycling Robot! Khalid Qubbaj. The ERO Concrete recycling robot! The idea put forth got gold place in the IDSA IDEA Design competition. The concept was released in July subsequently there has been no real-time use of the product since the concept was only released very recently but chances are the product use will be

Concrete Recycling Robot – ERO | UPRISER

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot can efficiently disassemble concrete structures without any waste, dust or additional separation. It is strategically placed in a building in order to scan the environment and determine the optimal way in which the operation should be executed. This smart robot has the option of switching between pulverizing and

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ERO: Concrete Recycling Robot by mariam sowailem

1973 1981 History of Building Demolition 1605 ERO is a concrete recycling robot that deconstructs reinforced concrete and recycles the remaining bits of aggregates for later use History of Robots Jacques de Vancanson direct-drive robot was developed at Carnegie-Mellon University

ERO: Concrete Recycling Robot

Jul 1, - The ERO Concrete Recycling Robot was designed to efficiently disassemble concrete structures without any waste, dust or separation and enable reclaimed building materials to be reused for new prefabricated concrete buildings. It does so by using a water jet to crack the concrete surface, separate the waste and package the cleaned, dust-free material.

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